Easy ink calculation from the percentage of picture area

"Efficient color matching"
Our originally developed AR SYSTEM software enables easy ink calculation from the percentage of read picture area, in TIFF and CIP3-compliant PPF images, and negative-positive film data.


Data inversion, adjustment of data for read data is possible by using edit function.
Calculated data are saved and transferred to the LAN-connected domestic IPC SYSTEM, to each printer line, for immediate production and producing the same printing quality between the lines.
Accurate ink calculation improves the color matching efficiency and simplifies operation.

System Overview

System Overview
  • JCOLOR system
  • IPC SYSTEM-Ink Preset Control System
  • AR SYSTEM-Area Reading
  • AFC SYSTEM-Automatic Fountain Cleaning
  • ACC SYSTEM-Automatic Cassette Changer
  • 2PC decorator
  • APC SYSTEM-Automatic Plate Changer
  • HAG High Precision Anti-backlash gear
  • CIS Can Inspection System
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