Simple & Smooth Plate Change---No cylinder change required

"High-efficiency plate replacement"
APC SYSTEM is a new labor-saving system to change plates without removing heavy cylinders, which also prevents uneven printing pressures to realize shaper print images with high in accuracy and reproducibility.

System Outline

The conventional plate change required removing and exchanging heavy cylinders, every time the printing design changes, which is heavy workload for the operator. To save time, cost and workload, our APC system simplified the plate change, just exchanging the plate on the cylinder!


1. Simple plate exchange for the operator
2. Shortening plate replacement time
3. No spare cylinders required. Storing only plates, which is space-saving
4. Improvement of the precision of cylinder (reducing the trouble of uneven pressing, improving the realization of dot printing accuracy and a reducing the troubles of pressure leaking and ghost imaging, etc.)

Note: With cylinder, plate forming equipments are required for this system.

Plate type

Plate setting - weld type
Installation examples
  • Fit the plate into the slit
  • Fit the plate into the slit
  • Adjust the tension knob and insert the plate
  • Adjust the tension knob
    and insert the plate

Make a cylindrical plate and then insert the plate to APC cylinder.

Plate setting - Attachment type
Plate setting - Attachment type
Plate setting - Attachment type

Bend both side of plate and clamp the plate with attachment, and insert it to a cylinder.
No need to dismount heavy cylinder, only remove the plate.
With this attachment type, plates can store in flat when not in use.

Cylinder type

Air cooling type(nomal)
Water cooling type(option)
Cylinder type

Water cooling type avoid rise in temperature by circulating water inside the cylinder and shaft.

Installation example

APC cylinder and HAG-anti backlash gear install together
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