Our Vision

J-Color system

20 years has passed since we have first developed the Ink Presetting system to realize “Full automatic ink feeding”.

J-Color systemSince then, our J-Color System corresponded to the various demands of the printing industries.
Nowadays, with a global approach to environmental problems, a large number of companies are putting weight on reducing the environmental burden and CO2 emissions. Our system is highly evaluated for the action to settle these problems, for its ability to reduce time and paper drastically.

I.Mer promises to keep challenging for worldwide environmental problems, for our customers.

  • JCOLOR system
  • IPC SYSTEM-Ink Preset Control System
  • AR SYSTEM-Area Reading
  • AFC SYSTEM-Automatic Fountain Cleaning
  • ACC SYSTEM-Automatic Cassette Changer
  • 2PC decorator
  • APC SYSTEM-Automatic Plate Changer
  • HAG High Precision Anti-backlash gear
  • CIS Can Inspection System
  • Our Vision
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