J-Color system

The World's first --- Challenging for full automatic ink feeding
Our J-Color System had been developed for complete automation of ink feeding and fountain cleaning. We are also challenging for further development to meet increasing needs of environmental and cost-saving solutions.

Data transmission AR SYSTEM-Area Reading system IPC SYSTEM-Ink Preset Control system Printing machine Data transmission AFC SYSTEM-Automatic Fountain Cleaning systemACC SYSTEM-Automatic Cassette Changer system

APC system

APC SYSTEM-Automatic Plate Changer
Reducing time and workload
APC (Automatic Plate Changer) SYSTEM is a new system to change plates without removing heavy cylinders. This contributes to lessen a time and cost.
  • JCOLOR system
  • IPC SYSTEM-Ink Preset Control System
  • AR SYSTEM-Area Reading
  • AFC SYSTEM-Automatic Fountain Cleaning
  • ACC SYSTEM-Automatic Cassette Changer
  • 2PC decorator
  • APC SYSTEM-Automatic Plate Changer
  • HAG High Precision Anti-backlash gear
  • CIS Can Inspection System
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