System Outline

CIS system can inspect defects of printed can, correct color density and register automatically.
Increasing demand of high quality and complicated design printing, CIS system is really effective to do these process online automatically.



Introduction effect

  • 1.Significantly reduces the burden of operators
  • 2.Stability of the print quality
  • 3.Improvement of the production efficiency
  • 4.Reduces waste cans and contributes to the environmental measure


  • 1.Automatic color density correction

    CIS calculates each blades color densities and feedbacks its data to IPC system so that automatically corrects the amount of ink supply. This function makes it possible to continue printing in a stable color density as same as a sample can.

    ***   In order to do automation, need to install the IPC system.

  • 2.Automatic print register correction

    CIS camera reads the amount of variation of print registration and corrects plate position to the height and circumference directions by control servomotors installed on the registration part.
    With this system, all the inkers can correct registration at the same time.

    *** In order to do automation, need to install our Anti-backlash gear(HAG) and retrofit the existing register system.

  • 3.Image inspection

    With the resolution of 0.1mm, CIS inspects smudge of ink, foreign contamination, pin hole, blurring letters, and spot, and then separates cans if it is OK or NG.
  • JCOLOR system
  • IPC SYSTEM-Ink Preset Control System
  • AR SYSTEM-Area Reading
  • AFC SYSTEM-Automatic Fountain Cleaning
  • ACC SYSTEM-Automatic Cassette Changer
  • 2PC decorator
  • APC SYSTEM-Automatic Plate Changer
  • HAG High Precision Anti-backlash gear
  • CIS Can Inspection System
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